• Image of Forest Of Tygers - "Bruises" CD EP

First output of Nashville's brutal and genre-bending metal duo Forest Of Tygers. Crushing songs of transcendence and malevolence. Decades of heavy music influence from every corner of extreme metal and hardcore, funneled into manic, methodical dread and hate.

Gatefold CD w/ offset printed eco-wallet, glass mastered disc.

Track Listing:
1. Bruises
2. As Flakes Of Ash
3. Tigerstripe
3. Wet Death

"A smoldering, streamrolling mass of a record, as furious as it is genreless…It's a standalone work forged by an inimitable creative fire."
-Last Rites

"A ferocious slab of ruthless blackened metal that brilliantly fuses a storm of molten rage with itchy experimental melody."
- Echoes and Dust

"It's intense, it's relentless and everyone will call it sludge although it's really elaborate, muscled hardcore with metal sensibilities peppered all over. Great stuff."

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